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Hey there – Morris here and thanks for stopping by to check out my full 100k Factory Revolution Review.

100k factory revolutionFirst and foremost, note that the 100k Factory Revolution is quite different from the previous two editions.

However, the 100K Factory Revolution is built around the same philosophy as the original edition; fast, profitable and scale-able. BUT the way you get to the end results – which is maximum profit is different. The 100k Factory Revolution Version is more about selling physical products on your own eCommerce store.

The ultimate goal is to build a 100k income per year in two months  (hence the name 100k Factory)

100k factory revolution review

1 website putting in 4hrs per week will result in 100k per year in 60 days. Then once you have achieved that, just rinse and repeat to suit your income goals.

Previous and current students have utilized the techniques taught in the previous versions of 100k factory to move from zero to 6 figures in 30 days. With the right mindset and proper work ethic any one can potentially achieve the same or even better income results.

I am not reviewing 100K Factory for the sole purpose of promotion. I’m a student as well and I will be going through the entire course with you, as well as attending all of the live webinar training. This affirms how good 100k factory really is. Otherwise I would risk putting my name behind a good for nothing program.

So Whats new in 100k Factory Revolution?

Here is a sneak peak of what you might expect in this new 100k factory Revolution edition.

  • Unlike in previous versions, this time round sites will be powered by shopify rather than wordpress.
  • The 100k factory method has been refined to a proven formula anyone can duplicate.
  • To overcome previous challenges experienced by students.
  • Some awesome tools have been added to the training, for example the “Siri” of FB Ads.
  • As  a matter of fact what Aidan and Steve have done is to dissolve every obstacle that would hinder anyone’s success with 100k Factory Revolution.

The 100% Unique Vulcan Software

One of the biggest hurdles Aidan & Steve (the creators of 100k Factory) have found (from over Aidan & Stevefive thousand 100k Factory students) is related to running marketing campaigns, and specifically, running ads on Facebook.

In 100k Factory Revolution they have taken all our processes, and turned them into an algorithm that runs a marketing ‘super computer’ that we call Vulcan.

Vulcan eliminates confusion and tactical errors that students have faced in the past, and will allow users to scale their campaigns faster and more profitably.

Vulcan, in its own right, is a GAME-CHANGING product set to shake up the world of Facebook marketing.

Am really looking forward to making good use of the vulcan software. This sounds like a nobrainer to Facebook customer acquisition.

Below is  quick overview of what we will be learning in 100k Factory Revolution

Phase 1. We will be leveraging the power of selling physical products which are well known to have high conversion rates (well over 5% in most cases)
This is done without the need to place any product inventory unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Phase 2.
Here we will learn about generating traffic to our sites as well as how to automate our income. 

Phase 3. Traffic Expansion – This entails growing your business into an empire.
With a 100k Factory revolution every student can get to $100k per year income and behold with as few as only four products per site.

That translates to;

  •  $100k per year is about $8 per month
  • With only 4 products that would mean on average about $2k per.
  • $2k per month per product would be literally $66 per day per product.

With the right tools, training and support, is 1 or 2 sales a day achievable? Hell YES, anyone can potentially achieve this!!

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is on new customer acquisition. On that 100k Factory Revolution has you covered in three main ways.

  1. Facebook Ads with a twist.
  2. Viral Content Sharing
  3. Instant access to a never seen before marketing software that will make campaign setup a breeze,.

When you master the above customer acquisition methods, you will be making sales in a matter of hours.

The 7 Steps to monetizing (making $$$) with your 100k Factory Website.

  1. Choose a product
  2.  Pass the product through a profitability test using the 1ook ROI Software Suite.
  3. Engage your audience – Here we are going to make use of the unique 100k command center to establish an audience foothold.
  4. Activate your Shopping Cart – We are going to use a software that makes it super easy to process customer orders seamlessly.
  5. Initiate the Traffic Machine – this will send laser targeted prospects to our offers that if set up as per the training have a 400% ROI (return on investment)
  6. Optimize Conversions – Test and tweak to grow your return on investment.
  7. Rinse and a repeat – who would want to double or even triple their income?

Anyway…now on to the 5 pillars of 100k Factory Revolution

Pillar 1. The 100K Code

This 31/2 months of live training leaving no stone un-turned.
Each phase of the live training has its own assignments and action steps enhancing accountability.

The live training webinars cover the entire 100k factory process from start to finish. What this means is that you will watch on live as Aidan and Steve build a successful and profitable 100k factory site from the ground up. This will melt away any doubt you could be having on your ability to do the same.

As if that is not enough they have also included “how to” instructional videos, adequate PDF manuals and a comprehensive business planning kit that will show anyone how to build multiple 100k per businesses.

Aidan and Steve will be delivering all the training and running their own support system meaning that they are 100% in control ensuring the quality of the program and trust me this is going to be best experience you will ever have making money.

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Pillar 2. The 100k Command Center

This is mainly meant to help you make money easily and quickly. This is literally the engine that powers the system. Aidan and Steve have invested over $30K building the command center. This is a your one stop control panel that allows you to identify high profit product opportunities, activate your push button websites, track and optimize your business as it grows.

Pillar 3. The 100k Converter

The 100k converter is a suit of customer acquisition tools which will give you an added advantage over your competition by helping you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. This comes with viral magnets, one-time-offer strategies and cart abandonment software and much more to boots your sales and maximize your profits.

Pillar 4. The 100k Case Study

The case study is meant to guide you through every step of the process so that you can easily implement it yourself….You will be able to watch over as Aidan and Steve build a working system step by step over a period of 12 weeks. Every live over the shoulder training will be filmed and recorded o you”ll have access to it whenever necessary.

Pillar 5. The 100k Coaching Center

This is where you will get all the personal support and any technical help. This is an absolute necessity to your success. You will access to coaching consultation and stamp of approval services.

Phase 2 & Phase 3 will help you turn your $100k business per year to $100k per month business.

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In conclusion,100K Factory Revolution is the best internet marketing course I’ve come across in a long time. I can say that without any hesitation. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to realize that this is the way internet marketing GURUs create their consistent monthly income and wealth.

One last thing:

This is a very safe investment. If you find you’re unhappy with the course, for whatever reason, you can be sure Aidan and Steve will refund your money with no hassle, and no questions asked.

I know this because I heard from a number of people (through this very site) how they had decided to ask for refunds for all kind of reasons.

So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with this course, I felt it was worth mentioning that Aidan and Steve have proven to be true to their word as far as their money back guarantee is concerned. So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about this making money online thing, or you just plain don’t like the course for whatever reason.

Frequently Asked Questions About 100k Factory Revolution.

1) Are there any additional cost to use 100k Factory Revolution ?

No, there are no hidden cost and you can access the course straightaway after joining.

2) Will this work in any country?

Yes, it works from anywhere in the world.

3) I’ve tried to make money online before but haven’t been able to, will I achieve success with this?

Only if you’re serious about implementing what you learn inside the course. Learning is one thing, but implementation is what determines your success.

If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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100K Factory review


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100K Factory Revolution Review and Bonus


100k factory revolution review and bonus

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Remember there’s different levels of success.
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